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Limerick Animal Welfare  was founded in 1983 and over the past 36 years literally  thousands of previously unwanted dogs, cats, horses, goats and a wide range of other animals have passed through our doors on their way to their 'forever homes'

We operate a "No Kill" policy and provide a safe haven for unwanted or abandoned animals until we find a safe, responsible and permanent home for them.

The vast majority of our funding comes from the generosity of Limerick People and organisations; through on street fundraising and through income from our Limerick City charity shops - staffed by volunteers. We also receive, and are extremely grateful for a yearly grant from the Department of Agriculture. The grant for 2024 was €111,600.  

In 2007 we embarked on our biggest undertaking - building, staffing and running a purpose built animal sanctuary in Kilfinane, Co Limerick. Here, all of our charges, from horses to puppies , goats, kittens and the occasional exotic visitor receive expert veterinary care, nurture and most of all some old fashioned TLC as they await better times.

We regularly give talks to primary and secondary schools. In this way we hope to educate and inform the animal owners of tomorrow and encourage them to make kindness and respect for all animals a way of life.

We aim never to destroy an animal unless it is so ill that we cannot alleviate its suffering. It is our policy to spay/neuter all dogs and cats before rehoming. At any one time we care for up to 200 animals including up to 70 dogs, 60 cats, horses, goats, rabbits, chickens and the occasional exotic animal.

Phase One of our Sanctuary at Moorestown, Kilfinane, was finally completed in December 2007. Our first isolation kennel for dogs opened its doors to the abandoned animals just before Christmas. We are most grateful to all the generous animal lovers who donated funds for this wonderful building. The Sanctuary now provides shelter for up to sixty dogs and puppies, fifty cats and kittens, numerous rabbits, goats, pigs, horses, ponies and donkeys.

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